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Melissa Mack is an Interior Designer and Artist who lives and works in Fairfield County, CT. Born and raised in NYC, she grew up surrounded by art and culture from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Studio 54 and The Limelight. 


Melissa's mixed media art captures the beauty of natural elements and their inherent energy. She studies natural forms, especially plants, water, and space to express the energy, movement, flow of these forms and the life force they exude. She depicts the concrete world in an abstract form and is intrigued by what lies beyond our sight. 


Melissa's interior designs utilize a holistic design approach to create healthy and uplifting interiors using natural elements, energy, flow, and environmentally friendly materials. Her residential and commercial projects range from single room design to full home or business renovations.


An art history major and studio arts minor in college, life took Melissa on a more traditional career path as she earned an MS Degree from Columbia University. After many years of practice as a clinical therapist she left that field to return to her true passion: art and design. She attained a degree in Commercial and Residential Interior Design from Fairfield University and is also certified in Sustainable Materials and Healthy Building from Parsons. As her interior design practice evolved, Melissa continued her studies into holistic design and energy work, becoming a Reiki Master and Feng Shui Master.  She integrates her lifelong learning paths to create balance and harmony through art and design. 

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